How the Therapeutic Massage world can be interesting..

Massage is very ancient. We all know the benefits of touch and the industry out there offers a wide variety of modalities and services.

A good swedish massage can be a very soothing experience, a well-done sport massage pre-event can warm up an athlete and set his mind right whereas a post-event can help with the soreness of an intense performance. I personally love all of the above and more but I do something different.

My Orthopedic Bodywork, in 16 years grew to be a tool to get out of pain and soreness, to right-set the body in its natural alignment so that PERFORMANCE can be optimized. My clients are extremely relaxed after a session because their body has shifted gears. The massage look on their faces is amazing because my session are not relaxing… they are work!!

I cannot start a client face down if I want to make permanent changes in their bodies. All the deep postural muscles I need to normally address are in the front of the body or on the sides. The back line is the last place I need to work. As well as the areas of pain are the last one I need to look at because those tender spots are “victims” of the pull from the other side.

It might sounds crazy or complicated but if we start looking at the body like a system of cables moving and holding up bones against gravity everything gets very simple and understandable.

But that’s my job… your is to get on the table and enjoy the ride!! 🙂