Structural Integration helps the body return to structural and functional postural alignment by removing tensions and restrictions in areas that have been held tight and by further balancing myofascial relationships throughout the entire body.

- James Waslaski AA, Lmt, Cpt

Increase Therapeutic Success Through Nutrition 
Fighting mycotoxins is a simple way to get healthy and stay healthy!  I am very passionate about using food as a medicine, like Hippocrates was teaching somewhere around 300 years BC!

The work of Doug Kaufman is brilliant and I cannot cease to be amazed at the life-changing results I have witnessed since late 2008, on myself, my family and numerous clients. I will never get tired of teaching my clients about Doug's way of balancing our intestinal flora with a simple, down-to-earth approach. Take the time to browse through 40 years of work of Doug Kaufman... you won't regret it!
    Know The Cause - Doug Kaufman
Know The Cause, hosted for 13 years by Doug Kaufmann, is a privately syndicated, national television show airing throughout America.

Stefania Caldwell LMT 110631

by Amanda Self on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

I am so grateful for Stefania's type of work. She is AMAZING! She helped my body be race ready for my IRONMAN race in 2021. She truly is blessing to athletes.

by Chuck Menges on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

I didn't realize how much I needed someone like Stef. Like most guys, they don't stretch enough and after seeing Stef, I feel like I've stretched out enough for a week. A friend of mine referred me to her. Thanks Stefania

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