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jenniferJennifer Dean- MBA, GRI REALTOR, GRI at Urban Provision REALTORS Stefania is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. This translates into treatment that is tailored and highly effective for her clients. She desires to make a change in your world and to show you that you don’t have to have/live with the pain, discomfort, dysfunction that you may have grown accustom to. Her care for you is as if you were her only client. Stefania wants you to come to see her to get well, but she wants to do this in the shortest amount of visits as possible…not ever taking advantage.  I have had an issue (33 yrs) that I was told would never ever change unless I had surgery. Stefania has proven me wrong and has corrected it! I have taken my daughter to see her and have referred many others.


stefaneeStefanee Flanagan – Owner at Today’s Clerical Solutions Stefania’s extensively thorough knowledge of how the body work is only exceeded by her passion for what she does. She truly wants to change the world, one empowered patient at a time. When having a session with her you can’t help not only feel physically better but mentally better as well, for her genuine caring and positive energy is contagious. Stefania not only has an in-depth knowledge of her field but a spot on instinct of where to find the source of the problem. She roots out the cause of the pain–not just where it is manifesting–in order to not only address the discomfort the patient feels but to solve the root problem. She also educates the patient so as to give them a better understanding of what their body is doing and how to be proactive in preventing future issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to tackle those chronic aches and pains getting in the way of living life to its fullest.


laceyLacey Pruett – TV Host/Corporate Spokesperson/Healthy Housewives Cast Member Stefania has taken my physical fitness to an entirely different level. As an avid runner and personal trainer, I am tough on my body. Stefania right-sets me with her massage technique and allows my body to continue performing at peak levels. She is highly professional and knowledgeable with the human body and how the various systems work together and rely on proper nourishment and daily exercise.  I will continue utilizing Stefania for massage and overall wellness tips. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic pain on any part of the body, to athletes, and to those looking to jump start a new workout routine.


  markMark Corscadden National Sales Manager at Dei Rossi Marketing If you are looking for a massage therapist that delivers results then I highly recommend Stefania. Stefania uses techniques that get to the core of the issue and starts the healing process. Anyone that is active and has those nagging injuries, it will be worth your time to give Stefania an opportunity to get you on the path of healing. I personally have walked in her office unable to stand up straight and after my session, feel great. I can only speak from experience and by no means claim she is a miracle worker, but she is close.


Monique Dykstra Experienced DFW Realtor Stefania is truly an expert in her field. Her compassion for helping people is evident in every patient she sees. She goes well beyond a traditional massage and gets to the core of the issue. You will love the results!


Linnea Lavell Realtor at RE/MAX North Central Stefania is fabulous. After one visit to Stefania, I notice a considerable difference in my muscles not being as tight and improved mobility. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend her.


merrigayMerrigay Steskal Owner: Stesco Stone LLC DBA Independent Global Trading Stefania is intuitive and knowledgeable with her massage methodology. She gets results and I would definitely recommend her.





sandySandy Luedke Ideal Real Estate Group Stefania is amazing!  I have had massages my whole life, in fact and have had a hour and a half massage every week for the last few years.  Stefania is not just a message therapist.  She takes a massage to a whole different level and takes my aches and pains and knows how to make them go away.  This is not a relaxing massage, this is a “let’s get you healthy massage”.  I am so grateful that Stefania came in my life to make me pain free!  Now I have my husband going to her to help him.  We both look forward to growing older without all the pains that comes with that.  Thank you Stefania!

Jovan Johnson – Personal Trainer



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Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork
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 35 reviews
by Lindsay on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

Stefania is amazing!
I have had a shoulder issue for 4 years. The FIRST time I went to her, she worked it out and my shoulder issue has significantly subsided. Now when I work out, I do not feel any pain. I also have diastasis recti from Pregnancy. Stefania pushes my ab muscles back together like magic. I was in shock! I love to go see her! She is truly a gift from God to me!

by Bill Cadman on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

I am an above knee amputee for the past 46 years. Stefania has had 2 sessions with me and the physical improvement on my amputated side has been amazing. I have not this much flexibility in years.

Thank you Stefania

by Kendra Rust on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

I was referred to Stefania by my fitness trainer who thought she could help with mobility in my hips (which I didn't realize was a problem). Stefania has definitely helped with that and my workouts and yoga poses have benefited (a lot of what I thought were knee issues were actually hip issues) but she was also able to give me back complete range of motion in my shoulder (which I thought was lost after breast cancer treatment and wasn't even aware could be fixed) and worked absolute wonders on my lymphedema (which also developed after breast cancer treatment). We are taught as lymphedema sufferers to avoid deep tissue massage but with Stefania's background in both lymphatic massage and bodywork she has been able to safely work the scar tissue without damaging those delicate lymph vessels. I have noticed a huge improvement in just one session! I'd never even heard of bodywork massage before and although I so wish I had found Stefania sooner - I am so grateful to have found her now! I could not recommend her highly enough!

by Hal Weaver on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

Stefania is great! Before I went to see her I thought that if I woke up and didn't hurt that I might have died. Now I sleep and wake up pain-free and most of the time I don't limp anymore. Thank you so much!

by James Manning on Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork

Stefania is by far a miracle worker to anyone who has dealt with pain and believed they have tried it all. Being an old bodybuilder, I have issues that others have not even been able to touch and Stefania somehow always finds the issue and makes a difference with just one single visit. Issues I have tried to deal with personally for months or years, Stefania can affect immediately and make a difference. Stop dealing with pain and put your attention to Stefania, you will be glad you did.

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