What is Therapeutic Bodywork?

Therapeutic Bodywork Massage is for you if you are experiencing physical discomfort, which inhibits you from being as productive and happy as you ought to be. It is a fact that physical pain wears you down and can contribute to emotional instability and even depression.

The benefits of Therapeutic Massage | Flower Mound Orthopedic Massage TherapyThe therapeutic massage sessions revolve around the idea that the body has to be treated as a whole; muscles, tendons, and the myofascial web are to be balanced in order to allow the re-alignment of the skeletal structure of the body.

The human body is a tensile structure where muscles, tendons and ligaments provide the necessary “tension” to allow smooth, fluid and PAIN-FREE movement.

Soft tissue pathologies are the target of this Orthopedic Massage approach to restore “perfect” balance.

Once our “cables” (muscles and tendons) are as tense as they are supposed to be, all the “beams” and “pillars” of the body (bones) can be in the proper position. Consequently our “hinges” (joints) are allowed to align correctly and move freely, without frictioning cartilage which leads to bulging discs, nerve compressions, bone spurs, and a whole list of serious pathologies that are sadly well-known to the majority of the population!

Once tight muscles get softer and weak, inhibited and tender ones are treated, the Orthopedic approach seriously involves the client in an active re-habilitation process based on simple, down-to-earth stretches and strengthening exercises tailored to the specific muscle group that needs either to be elongated or brought back to “life”.

It’s amazing to see so many clients benefit from this straight- forward approach…

…tension headaches gone, rotator cuff problems solved, range of motion improved in hips, ankles….

Even in serious cases of knee pain, caused by bone-on-bone, there is so much that can be done before surgery!! Compression in the joint is what eats up cartilage. The common wear-and-tear that is not necessarily related to age – the compression is brought about by tight muscles pulling the bones together at awkward angles! It’s by releasing those tight “cables” and creating joint space, that relief can be achieved.

Stefania Caldwell is the owner of Stef’s Therapeutic Bodywork, LLC. She was born and raised in Italy and started out in 2001 on horses. Thanks to them her approach is so different from the average massage therapy session.

Her techniques are a very unique “cocktail” that has developed over the years. The approach has developed out of influences ranging from Energy Work techniques to the brilliant work of Erik Dalton, James Waslaski, Thomas Mayer, Aaron Mattes and many others contributors.

Stefania Caldwell’s most heartfelt commitment is to work with people as intensely as needed at the beginning, in order to see them come in only for maintenance, which can be once a month, every other month, twice a year!! It all depends on the person and his/her medical conditions and everyday activities.