Homemade hydro-thermal treatment; work out recovery.

Ever heard of Vichy shower or Scotch Hose? You can reap the benefits of these 2 historical treatments combined in your own shower with a little bit of creativity… 🙂

It’s the best thing you can do for sore muscles as well as a contribution to your weight loss goals: simply jump in your shower, make it hot at first than start switching to cold.. play it back and forth improvising positions and seconds of exposure to the cold water (it literally takes your breath away).

It is amazing how AWESOME you will feel afterwords: energized and way less muscle soreness from working out. It’s also a great way to rev up your metabolic engine: in cold days my body temperature stays up longer.

Good old remedies that are still unbeatable!

Have a wonderful day out there and do not forget to come in for your maintenance!

Stefania Caldwell – www.stefstherapeuticbodywork.com