The miracle of Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)


It is a plant of humble origins, first discovered in Egypt, even found in the tomb of Tutankhamen (the great Pharaoh  that ruled from 1332 till 1323 b.C.)

Nigella Sativa is still yielding its healing properties as well as adding its characteristic flavor to our food preparations nowadays under the common names of caraway, black cumin, coriander.Numerous studies have been published on the incredible varieties of properties of its oil, known as Black Seed Oil. Very interesting findings for all of us to keep in mind in our search for natural tools that help us maintaining our health and emotional balance.

Today I want to share my personal testimony of the 4 particular instances in which black seed oil “saved the day” for me:

  • nail fungus: 3 weeks of topical application twice a day and it was gone. It does come back occasionally according to my diet.
  • pain and inflammation from dental surgery in 2015: pain was significant, complicated by herpes virus vesicles appeared on the surgery sites on the gums… sloshed my mouth every 2 hours with black seed oil – after only 2 applications 50% of the pain and discomfort was gone.
  • sore throat: 10 days ago it hit me all of a sudden after being exposed for 6 hours to A/C during a clinic. On the way home my neck lymph-nods were swollen and tender and my throat was on fire! I fought the chills and the headache with 2000 mg of lysine, 3000 mg of vit C and 1 zinc pill every 4 hours for 3 days, along with drinking 10 drops of pharmaceutical grade DMSO with chlorophyll to calm the itchiness in the throat and the urge to cough (very painful).  For another week I kept all the above up but half doses adding olive leaf extract and colloidal silver nasal and throat spray as needed. I was happy that my body got our of trouble so quickly but… the pain in the throat was still lingering. Two nights ago, the thought of Black Seed Oil hit me!!! Well, I gargled with it the other night and when I woke up in the morning 90% of the lingering pain and irritation was GONE! Gargled in the morning and after being back at work (7 people seen, 4 of whom new, so even more talking on my part), I left my office last night bewildered by the fact that my throat felt absolutely normal.
  • anti-fungal properties that re-balance the intestinal flora. When I decide to indulge with lovely carb-based foods and delicious wines, drinking my black seed oil in addition to the anti-fungal nutritional protocol, it is the quickest way I know to go back to balance.

There are many companies on the market that sell black seed oil… but I found that this particular one is the best among the ones I tried over the years from different health food stores: Sweet Sunnah, and it can be bought at

Their herbs and spices are also amazing: last week their cinnamon came in.. you know folks? I had cinnamon all my life, my grandma used to whip up cream and sugar and serve it sprinkled with cinnamon – old timers in Italy call it “Latte & miele”- but this particular cinnamon is the sweetest I ever tasted with a spiciness that is so refreshing! I think that my husband and I are eating more than a teaspoon of it a day in our morning yoghurt, blueberries, stevia and psyllium powder mix.

I am blessed with a few trustworthy suppliers of natural organic products in my life and I make no mistery of those resources, because when I find something good I want all of you to have the same experience for the money!