Health as an innate intuition…

A book I’d suggest to anybody, an injection of common sense!

“Or Perish in the Attempt – Wilderness Medicine in the Lewis & Clark Expedition” by David J. Peck, D.O.

page 304: “The vitality of youth and well functioning immune systems allowed them to survive wounds, numerous bacterial and viral infections, near starvation, malaria and other parasitic infections, and weather extremes. The fact that most people will get well without ANY medical intervention was never so clearly illustrated as during the 28-months the Corps of Discovery was on the trail. Their endurance and survival in the face of the illnesses they suffered, with the pathetically inadequate medical care available, should haunt me every time I write a prescription for an UNNEEDED antibiotic or whine about my own back pain”

No comment. I salute them, and the author, a modern days doctor too.