Orthopedic Bodywork and Eye-Care

Pressure behind your eyes? Not enough arm length any more to read fine prints? He-he-he, I am only 46 year YOUNG and thanks to “Dr” Glenn Kimball and his dog Cloe, I got a wonderful recipe that is really helping my eye-sight:

220px-Bilberry  Bilberry Vaccinium Myrtillusalmost impossible to cultivate, grows wild in Europe, in cold climates (for my Italians, I MIRTILLI!!!).

What we normally buy in the stores here as blueberry is Vaccinium Cyanococcus 220px-PattsBlueberries always of the family!!!

Bilberry contains ANTHOCYANOSIDES; is as well known vasodialator and maintains red blood cells as flexible as they need to be, in order to literally squeeze through the tiny capillary walls and do their job: supply oxygen! Our eyes are full of capillaries, that’s why this berry and its anthocyanosides are so helpful.

Add to the 1 daily capsule of Bilberry, Vit C and Vit E and you’ll have a powerful cocktail that is immensely helping my eyesight and clarity. Our dogs eyes might avoid the cataracts that is so common in older subjects…

Vitamin C and E are both powerful antioxidants. I deeply encourage all of you to google the mechanisms of “oxidative stress” and just observe the miracle of our bodies maintaining homeostasis = balance.