Orthopedic Bodywork for horses and riders!!

ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE FOR RIDERS is now available at 2×4 Quarter Horses, Gary and Marylin Cottar, in Springtown. Bookings at 940-393-9231. You think your horse is achy (or worse..)? Do you feel stiff and sore after riding? Orthopedic Massage can help! Bring your horse and your tack. Gaits and posture of horse and rider will be considered along with saddle fit and foot balance. Being in harmony with our horses is not a dream!

All that being said, we need to keep in mind that our horses are going to as athletic as we are. I am personally exploring  how much classic ballet conditioning helps riders to achieve a wonderfully aligned posture in the saddle (check out Sally Swift) without fatigue, so that our horses front-end is free and they can collect beautifully, engaging their abdominals…  Foods for thought guys!