Orthopedic Massage – a word directly from its Father, James Waslaski, one of my US teachers and mentors

The Author wants to stress the importance of doing pelvic stabilization first, and taking a close look at cervical conditions, to resolve contributing factors that can cause or mimic complicated conditions.

Compensatory pain coming from other areas of the body are referred to as ascending or descending syndromes.

Musculoskeletal problems in the lower body that affect clinical conditions of the neck and shoulder are colled ascending syndromes; when they come from cervical conditions and contribute to thoracic outlet or carpal tunnel, are called descending syndromes. In the case of nerve compression in the neck or shoulder, the client diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome would have a descending syndrome referred to as multiple crush phenomenon.

Manual therapist should stop using generic catch-all terms like rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, shin-splints,etc, and instead start to sort out the multiple possibilities presenting themselves as pain.

The intention of the Author is to ensure that the orthopedic massage therapist eliminate any underlying causes of specific conditions prior to treating the resulting clinical symptoms. In doing soft tissue balancing what often seems like complicated clinical conditions can often times be resolved in just a few sessions. This whole body approach will allow clients to live pain-free, and athletes to achieve peak performance.”

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