Sport Injuries: foot pain

foot muscles and soft tissue  A beautiful image of the disarming complexity of a foot and its soft tissue components. It’s a miracle of engineering!

I just finished and interesting session on a football player. Lot of pain in the foot but nothing showed on X-rays.

Same old dilemma…. What is it that hurts?

I refuse to get lost in speculations. After 16 years in practice I assure you that it does not even matter to know…

I have a very easy, down to hearth recipe that I like to use: Achieve muscles resting length as much as possible than address what hurts, or what is left of it, most of the time.

To help this particular case today, 2nd visit, I released the front line of the leg, to take pressure off the hamstrings and calf. Once tibialis anterior gave a little I could open up the side of the lower leg compartment, the Peroneals group. Than I addressed Adductors group and finally the Quadriceps.

At this point it’s possible to get the back of the leg to open up.

Only at the very end, the deep plantar fascia has been addressed. As a finishing touch, a couple of minutes of passive mobilization of the foot, to enhance the newly found freedom of movement.

Soft tissue structures can compress the bony architecture of the body, creating pain and inflammation deep in the joints…. some good old therapeutic massage, i.e. Orthopedic Bodywork,  is a wonderful tool to get things going again.

Needless to say my  player is so much happier now!

Not only football players can benefit from Bodywork.  Where it’s tight, there is going to be a kinetic kink in the natural flaw of movements and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to take advantage of  a natural way to get out of pain, stay out of it, or prevent it altogether!

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