Natural foods for post work-outs recovery

cranberriesCranberries (Vaccinium Oxycoccus)

A powerful berry, used by Native American for centuries.

–          Salicylic acid (oh look, our good old Aspirin!!), anti-inflammatory

–          Polyphenols – immune system help, key factor in antiviral effect

–          Anti-oxidant – helps with oxidative stress

–          American Indians used it for centuries to help with UTI infections

tart cherryCheck this out:  (ref.: Life Extension Magazine June 2013; Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry; By Michael Downey)

“High-intensity or prolonged physical activity of any kind typically causes muscle damage, resulting in oxidative stress, inflammation, and pain.

As people age, muscle mass and strength tend to decrease, in a process called sarcopenia. Although exercise can help overcome this process, post-exercise pain and loss of strength tend to last much longer.

Scientists conducted a controlled trial on indices of muscle recovery. Participants were given either tart cherry juice or a control drink for five days before, on the day of, and for two days after a marathon race.

Runners in the tart cherry group had significantly lower inflammation biomarkers (Interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein) compared to the placebo group. The tart cherry group also recovered isometric strength faster than the control runners, demonstrating an accelerated recovery following strenuous exercise. Both groups reported pain after the race. But the runners who drank tart cherry juice experienced a substantially smaller pain increase after the race. This natural protection against acute muscle soreness suggested that tart cherries must be providing some defense against muscle damage.”

No further comments Your Honor… let’s just drink it!!!

The above mentioned recipe has been brought to my attention by “Dr” Berry, and his experience in athletics. Thank you Al!!

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