Orthopedic Massage and maintenance programs

Weather you are one of my pro-athletes or not, due to my 16 years experience as a bodyworker in the athletic field,  I feel comfortable to recommend you go on the table on a regular basis.  How often?

Listen to your body and come before that little nagging stiffness turns into something more serious.  

Do you know that in China doctors are supposed to  work for you to stay healthy? A patient getting sick is not a good work. On the contrary, us westerners go see a doctor only when we are already sick; our Western medicine is designed to relive symptoms not to prevent disease.

Let’s try something different for once! Aches and pains in the body leads to imbalance and are often a sign that our mind-body-soul system needs some loving attention.

Obviously the maintenance programs are different:

– my athletes, pro and non pro, needs a frequent schedule to repair, flush, elongate or simply wake up tissues and muscles, with a positive impact on their performance

– my “Mums” enjoy relief from the heaviness, swelling, stiff back etc, of the pregnancy – happy Mums, happy babies!!!

– my people tided up to computers and desks all day might enjoy a twice a month service to help them maintain a straighter posture

– people that cherish only the relaxation experience of massage, might discover how much more relaxed they will be when the usual stiffness DO NOT come back so quick!! Peeling layers is an experience done with respect and full consideration. Pain needs love not rudeness;  quick deep strokes on overstretched inhibited muscles without working first on the reason why those muscles are tight, do not allow any permanent change in the skeletal system. The Orthopedic Bodywork vision of the body as a tensile structure is all about making positive changes that allow people to feel better for good!!!

– people coming in with complicated pain conditions that-have-been-everywhere-but-nothing-works get started on a 5 days schedule (average of 3 sessions) which allows me to peel the layers and get to the core of their pain. Than they are on the maintenance as well.

My Orthopedic Bodywork has something to offer to everybody. Come and feel the difference.

How do I stay balanced? Thank you Luna. luglio 27, Nate & Cooper 033